Nexus Report

The Nexus Report is where you’ll find a comprehensive review of each quarter, including our four Nexus pooled funds and our thoughts on the market outlook.

2021 Reports

Q1 | March 2021
What a Difference a Year Makes. The first quarter of 2021 was fabulous for stock market investors. Commentators on business television squealed
Q2 | June 2021
The Beat Goes On. The second quarter of 2021 was another outstanding period for stock market investors. Over the last three months, the TSX
Q3 | September 2021
A Sombre September. The string of successful months in the stock market had to end some time. Perhaps it was predictable that it would end during

2020 Reports

Q1 | March 2020
The new decade started well. Following a wonderful gain for investment portfolios in 2019, stock prices continued their ascent in January and early
Q2 | June 2020
The longest bull market in history ended abruptly in mid-February. Stock markets around the world collapsed in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic
Q3 | September 2020
Further Gains on Wall Street. Stocks around the world recorded solid gains over the last quarter. In Canada, the TSX Composite gained
Q4 | December 2020
Who Would Have Thunk? Human nature is such that we are often beguiled by those who claim to know the future. Surely, 2020 proved, once and for all

2019 Reports

Q1 | March 2019
Smiles have returned to investors’ faces. 2018 was a tough year, punctuated by the worst December performance by the S&P 500 in the U.S. since 1931.
Q2 | June 2019
Many U.S. stock market indexes hit all-time highs in early July, following the best June performance since 1955 for the S&P 500. Moreover, the first
Q3 | September 2019
Newspaper headlines cast a grim shadow over the current investment environment. Whether it be the China-U.S. trade war, the Brexit crisis, drone
Q4 | December 2019
A year ago, investors were licking their wounds following the worst December in U.S. stock markets since 1931. Many expected 2019 would be a difficult

2018 Reports

Q1 | March 2018
Despite an exuberant start to 2018, stock markets grew increasingly uneasy through the first quarter. By quarter-end, Canada’s TSX Composite Index
Q2 | June 2018
After a rocky first quarter in Canadian and U.S. stock markets, investors enjoyed strong gains in the last three months. On a total return basis, the
Q3 | September 2018
In 2017 investors enjoyed a synchronized global stock market rally. Over the first nine months of 2018, however, the paths of equity markets have
Q4 | December 2018
2018 proved to be a difficult year for investors, mostly as a result of the turmoil in markets during the last three months. For all of 2018, the