From the Editor: A Series of Unfortunate Events

It has been an eventful summer. A series of hurricanes rocked first Texas, then the Caribbean and Florida, leaving a swath of destruction. Test missiles flew over Japan while Trump continued to tweet his way… Read more »

Winter is Coming…

It’s true, winter is coming and so are changes to the taxation of private corporations. Since these proposed changes were announced in July, there have been countless articles about the fairness of the sweeping tax… Read more »

Investment Insights

For investors, the quality of company leadership matters when considering an investment. One of the most important questions we ask is “how strong is the management team?” So, if the quality of leadership at a… Read more »

Pearls of Wisdom

Reading is one of the principal occupations in our profession. As we digest a wide range of material, interesting ideas and surprising facts – some serious and some light-hearted – rise to the surface. We… Read more »

Worth 1,000 Words

A little humour makes the world a better place. A regular feature in Nexus Notes is the inclusion of a topical and insightful editorial cartoon.  While some may address more serious or controversial issues, we… Read more »

Save the Date!

Each year, we welcome our clients to join us for an annual presentation during the holiday season.  We’ve seen the benefit this event has on our clients, and hope you will save the date and join… Read more »

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