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Plug Your Nose and Jump

“In the run-up to last year’s Presidential election, pundits, economists, and Wall Street analysts agreed on one thing: a Donald Trump Presidency would be a disaster for the stock market. The common wisdom is that… Read more »

Big Brother is Watching

My son just started working at Snapchat. His job is to convince ad agencies that they should place ads for their clients on Snapchat’s digital platform. Snapchat’s mobile application has approximately 173 million daily users… Read more »

Dare to Be Different

The financial media love to write stories about how improbable it is that a firm like Nexus might be able to do better than the stock market. In October 2016, The Financial Times ran a… Read more »

What if You Weren’t There? How to Equip Your Heir(s)

Have you ever had to cook in someone else’s kitchen? It’s tricky. You have to hunt for things: the cutting board and knives, the salad bowl, the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Sometimes it can… Read more »

Death and Taxes… A Package Deal

Unlike in the United States, Canada does not have an “estate” or “inheritance” tax. However, death can still trigger a significant income tax bill.  When you die, your executor needs to file your final tax… Read more »

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

Millions of years ago the survival of our ancestors depended on getting their hands on the first bird. Today there is no shortage of birds to feast on (Swiss Chalet anyone?), but our primal urges… Read more »