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The Nexus Growth Spurt

In September 2016 I was fortunate to have joined the team at Nexus as a Marketing Manager to help align our marketing initiatives with the firm’s strategy. As it’s only been a year and a… Read more »

A Prescribed Rate Loan Could Help You Save Taxes – Act Now Before The Rate Doubles!

With the Federal taxation authorities laying siege to one income-splitting technique after another in the last couple of years, one that remains untouched is the so-called “prescribed rate loan”. In its most typical incarnation, the… Read more »

Can the Dow Hold Above 25,000?

(And a well-deserved tribute to a gentleman and great friend.) Every time the Dow achieves a significant milestone, I’m reminded of my early days on Bay St. and a true gentleman that I had the… Read more »

2018 – Back to the Future!

This is it. I can really feel it this time. 2018 will be the year the Toronto Maple Leafs return to glory and win the Stanley Cup! Apologies to my husband for this, as he… Read more »

The Nexus Pooled Funds Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary!

September 30th marked the twentieth anniversary of the Nexus North American Equity and Balanced Funds. How the world and the Funds have changed in the years since they were established! A trip back in the… Read more »

We Are All Accountants

Imagine this: you’re standing in line at movie box office to purchase a ticket. You reach into your pocket for the money but realize that you dropped the $20 bill you had set aside for… Read more »