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Nexus Road Trip: Omaha, Nebraska

The tradition of a pilgrimage has been central to certain faiths and cultures for millennia. Such a journey exists in the investment profession as well. In early May, your scribe was one of approximately 40,000… Read more »

Multitasking: Go For it. Get Less Done.

Just the other day as I was about to run downstairs to get a bowl of soup, a tweet crossed my computer screen from the New York Times, which I follow on Twitter. The tweet… Read more »

Paperless Reporting Is Here!

We’re pleased to announce that Nexus is going digital! As we see the firm maintain steady growth, we continue to evolve to meet our clients’ needs and improve our services. In today’s digital era, this… Read more »

Home Sweet Home

The red-hot housing market in the GTA continues to make headlines as the average home now costs 12 times the average household’s gross income1. All three levels of government are reacting to political pressure to… Read more »

Beating the Bias: Tips to Avoid the Planning Fallacy

In 1969, the mayor of Montreal proudly announced that the 1976 Olympics would feature a state-of-the-art coliseum covered by the first retractable roof ever built on a stadium. According to Mayor Jean Drapeau, the entire… Read more »

Canada – Not So Bad, Eh?

You’ve read all the stories. Canada hasn’t exactly been an economic juggernaut of late. Low oil and gas prices, stubborn unemployment, weak exports, a weakened loonie, never ending annual federal deficits, and now Trump taking… Read more »