Nexus is a Discretionary Portfolio Manager

Building Wealth is Our Common Ground

Nexus is a discretionary portfolio manager with a difference. Pictured here are three of our portfolio managers focussed on building wealth for our clients.

We understand that most individuals cannot easily replace their wealth. The same is true for most foundations and endowments. Our approach is designed to protect your life savings or charitable funds while building the real value of your portfolio over time. Our experience shows that a common sense, well-planned approach works best. It has taken a lifetime – or more – to build your wealth; you shouldn’t have to spend another one worrying about it.

Nexus is a discretionary portfolio manager and financial counsel founded in 1988.  We have brought together the right components to serve Private Clients and Foundations and Endowments: Our People, Investment Philosophy and Financial Counselling expertise.

An Integrated Approach

Few portfolio managers offer financial counselling and investment management under the same roof, but at Nexus we do both.  An integrated financial and investment plan means an asset allocation tailored to your circumstances and attitude toward risk.  Planning helps identify your goals and ambitions, how much you need to save, how much you can afford to spend, and when you can retire.

Aligning Clients’ Interests with Ours

Nexus is independent and wholly-owned by our principals, so our interests are directly aligned with the long-term investment success of our clients. We take pride in our integrity and independence.