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Is Healthy Eating Just For The Rich?

Many foods in market basket

Such is the title of an interesting research piece published by U.S. investment dealer, Sanford Bernstein, over the summer. Bernstein analyst, Alexia Howard, points out that diet is one more symptom of the growing economic… Read more »

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

fire alarm switch on the rough wall

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a snippet on the web about an unusual wedding gift. It arrived from the bride’s great aunt with instructions not to open it until the newlyweds had their… Read more »

What is $100 invested with Nexus in 1989 worth today?

“Nexus” represents the performance of a composite of Nexus accounts that are managed to a balanced mandate.

“CPI” is the “all-items” Consumer Price Index for Canada, not seasonally adjusted.